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About Us

We are Angkor Freelance Tour Guides. We are

  • proud of our country and our heritage;
  • knowledgeable, licensed and trained tour guides;
  • committed to providing you a quality experience that surpasses your expectations.

Our group of tour professionals speaks many languages. You can choose tours in languages including English, Thai, Lao, Spanish, Korean, French and German. We hold university degrees and have received certification from the National Tourism Agency of Cambodia. Some of us are former Buddhist monks who have spent many years immersing ourselves in the traditions and roots of ancient Angkorian society.

We believe that truly responsible travel should benefit both the client and the destination in equal measures. Clients gain insight into another country and culture, learning a little bit about themselves in the process. The destination receives economic benefit and opportunities for self-development — but never at the sacrifice of their culture or integrity.

We are a social enterprise. From the outset, our aim has been to provide local people with much-needed employment, a sense of community and opportunities for self-development within their home areas. We use best-business practices to improve lives in areas of need, and our tours provide direct support to on-the-ground humanitarian and conservation and environment projects.

In order to achieve these aims we operate two policies alongside each other: the first to minimize what we take, the second to maximizes what we give back. Self-administration of projects and funds ensures that 100% of our support goes directly to the people who need it.